What is this Path, and why am I on it?

The Path …… Nothing to fear

The Path goes by many names throughout the known religions. You have actually been on it for many centuries if you have arrived in this time period known as the Aquarian Age. It is a journey of discovery, or Remembering. Lamas, yogis, saints, etc, all have gone before. Almost all of the past centuries it has been an individual journey.

In this time period all of Humanity is on the same Path, toward Remembering ourselves as Divine Beings experiencing human form. I am not privy to the whys and wherefores of this, but it seems clear to me that there is a Plan, that has been in effect for many years now, eagerly endorsed by many ascended beings, and long awaited.

You are one of the many beings who lined up, in a sense, to experience a mighty re-awakening of Humanity as a whole. The line is long, indeed some have been waiting to be born for centuries.

We will be seeing some great changes during these wonderful times. They are already beginning to bloom. For you. right now you are dealing with strange effects upon your body, mind, and spirit. These have been experiences over time by many spiritual leaders who came and went over millenia. But they did not leave much of a footprint to guide you, so unless you have delved deeply into some of the disciplines that have held scraps of their journeys, you don’t have much to go on.

And very few of them have taken their physical forms with them, as we are doing now. This is essentially new ground. Jesus may have demonstrated all 5 levels of Ascension as they were known in his time, but I know for myself that I would not want to go through physical death in order to do the last one of them.

This time we have decided, As Humanity, to take our physical bodies as far as they can go, expanding our awareness of all the dimensions that can be known to us, while still consciously in the third dimension of mass and form. So the Path NOW, takes on new form even as we are experiencing it.

That is pretty awesome to think about, yes? But that is it in a nutshell, as simply put as it can be.

Where does that leave you? Right now there is a quagmire of misinformation, muddying the way. Lots of wannabes, and people with tidbits and a hand out for cash. This is like the pilgrimages of the middle ages. All along the way there would be trials, and learning curves that might cause you to drop out. But there are also protectors, whose only care is to guide you from the pits to the Promised Land. Both the pits and the protectors are part of the journey, necessary for you to gain strength for each and every part. Think of the Camino of Spain and France, with its stop-over inns and highwaymen. Your choice, what you do and how you do it.

However you go, you are always Loved. Namaste