One of the things we note as we go along in the Ascension process is that it suddenly seems as if you can no longer communicate with family. The people you knew seem suddenly to be strangers speaking in tongues you no longer understand. You also find it much harder to find work with which you resonate.

Why is this happening? This is all about connections. As anyone on the Path will tell you, there is a before you begin this type of journey, and what comes after. In a way, you literally step on a new road of life, leaving parts of yourself behind that were part of that lifestyle. This kind of thing is seen as normal aging for the most part, where you naturally leave home and alter how you behave to family members. However, this is accelerated and magnified to the point in which you find out that there were major problems all along with how you accepted the family dynamic, how you were treated, how you treated others, and many other things that come to light as your light clears.

Family dynamic issues aside, this is also part of the reason why you suddenly cannot seem to hold a steady job. Part and parcel of your changing vibration level is that you see that the work dynamic often does not work well for you at all, whereas you merely tolerated or accepted that you had to live with it in order to survive in the world.

What can you do about that? Presently job coaches try to gear you toward the marketplace and cram you into shoes that sort of or maybe fit some aspects of your personality. There are all sorts of tests, mainly focused on the type A personality who can sell ice to Eskimos. The Type B or what I like to call the less aggressive personalities, are in nursing or other care giving jobs or knock around being Jack’s or Jill’s of all trades.

We need that type of work, because most of us ARE caregiver types, empaths and geopaths and telepaths, etc. Like me, if you are lucky you fall into a job like that while looking for what you have been focused towards: white collar work. You may have been told that anything else was somehow degrading and or a non starter role in life.

I get it. I did the drill, looking for work without understanding that energy dynamic. Years of it, going from job to job. Going to college, convinced that I needed this or that class to get me out of the rat race. It took a long time to find out that I loved learning so much that I kept changing majors just so I could keep going to school.

I was actually IN Ascension mode for a long time before any other effects happened. Nothing satisfied me for long. I ‘fell in’ to a job as a caregiver, by one of the Divine Accidents that happen in life. I made a good living at it after I started getting clients for my housekeeping service, that came out of the care-giving work.

I realized that this was fulfilling work, but at a certain point in my process I had to stop working in that way. This is where I fought, because I was so used to thinking of myself as a caregiver, that I did not know how to change that image. In fact, I was almost beyond the expiration date for most caregivers, at 20 years in service. And I had begun my training as a medium, which meant that I was very much more sensitive to vibrations.

This is a thing that one does not become conscious of immediately, but on the Path this is where it is at: a major consideration in choosing how one works in the world. Most of you are there, so you know what I mean. Your problem is that most work places are not in tune with any of that. Your ability to maintain connections to those at another frequency is the same as if you were trying to tune to another radio signal. It becomes harder with time and energy.

Or, as I think of it: The Human Web of energetic connections to the ‘normal’ world fray, as you establish the larger connection network to the world that is underlying and weaving through that one. Ascension is about expansion of your awareness. Some of us find it difficult to interact with electronics, some have a great deal of trouble with other humans, some have serious sun sensitivity. Some have all of this at once. But let us deal with the strands connecting us together as humans.

Trauma can detach strands, so in some cases a person can become invisible to others, losing the ability to communicate the need to work or socialize. It a specialized field of healing work. Psychologists have a lot of names for it, PTSD being the buzz word of today. In a way, Ascension is a kind of dissolution of certain connection strands, so that they can re-attach at a higher vibration. It is disturbing, but not terminal. I know many who are able now to do things like go out in group settings that they could not bear the year before, due to the nesting syndrome that is so necessary to our process. Protection can be learned, so the energies of the other humans who share space do not impinge and harm us. Family ties can become the joy they used to be, because for the most part they will automatically respond positively to the new You. The ones that still cannot have their work to do, at their own pace.

We are all on this journey together. They will be along when they can be. your work will be along when it is as well…you will fall into it naturally, without even noticing it.

You Are Loved. Namaste