What is Ascension?

Ascension is a spiritual process that has profound physical effects, beginning with ringing ears, progressing to dizziness, nausea, sometimes lasting for up to a year.

Why is this happening to you? You are not alone. This process is completing itself within you along with literally millions of humans all over this planet at this time. It is something you volunteered to undergo as part of an overall Plan unfolding over eons of time before your present incarnation as a Divine Being having a Human experience.

What the heck does that mean? You are not a religious person? In fact you kind of shun all organized religion? Yet here I am saying to you that you ‘decided’ to get on board with these painful and difficult side effects now happening, seemingly out of the blue!

I will tell you who I am in a bit. Right now you are here because you found your way to this page through your need to explore why weird stuff is happening to you.

It will be OK. You are in good hands. You have angels and guides who are helping you on your way. Since they are invisible you may not have much confidence in that statement, and they know this. So they have led you to this page and others seemingly by ‘accident’ . I use that word in quotes because there are no accidents.

I am a mentor. That is someone who is here to help you find the strength and courage on your journey. As I needed when I began, almost 30 years ago. That was long before words like Ascension became almost buzz words, as they are now, with a dizzying array of bits and pieces to one big puzzle you have to wade through.

For now, just Remember: You are Loved.