Life Purpose V Career V Calling

Basically we all want to know why we are here, on this planet, suffering, living, dying, and so on. When we go to a seer for a reading, or quest in books, we want an answer and we want it NOW, so we can go about it.

A very Western way of Being. Perhaps even, dare I say it: An American way of Doing Life.

Well, I am here to help you define some terms that you might not understand the way that they are defined in modern terms.

Life Purpose, shockingly, is not the job you are going to get to sustain you. It does not DEFINE you. The Purpose of Life is to LIVE.

Career is the term by which you are defined in this world, and encompasses how successful you become in terms of THINGS you might buy with the money you earn in the world. It does not define you, being artificially created by society. You don’t usually find this out until you retire and find that work is not all there is in the world.

Calling is a term usually referring to a priesthood. We still vaguely accept that people who are willing to sacrifice family, home, even sex, dependent on the religious affiliation, have Callings. However, all human beings have callings. The dissatisfaction most of us feel relates to the fact that we do not know what that calling is, but we are not fulfilling it, and this can lead to depression and death if we do not find it out.

Hence the search for Life Purpose is really the search for Calling. Calling is what your heart longs for, sings for when it is achieved in some form, the thing you came here to do on this earth. Your Soul Song, if you will. No one can really TELL you, in a reading by divination tools.

But you can find it out by looking at your past. What did you do that someone else did not do, that your friends emulated you for? Just see it for what it was: your gift. It usually seems so normal for you that you don’t think a thing of it.

For example: I told stories to my cousins, and they would sit rapt for hours. I led them on adventures and fed them berries I somehow Knew were fine to eat. I was 7 years old, and all of them were much older, yet there it was. A little child led them. Neither of us thought anything of it, in the innocence of childhood.

Your gifts are clearest then, but you are always seeking work that makes you feel good, that leads you back to the heart-song of your Calling. Look at your work to date. What you did, why you liked it, why you did not like it. This is a bit different than filling out a resume, because it is filling out your own story in a different light.

Don’t tell ME your story. Tell YOURSELF your story, not the pain part, but the pleasure parts. When I do this I am happy……THAT story.

This rant may have been inspired by some comment on Facebook, and it might inspire other comment on this post, but what I really want is for you to come to the awareness that you can define your life Calling with a little romp into your own back yard, digging up treasures in the sand box.

Have fun, and do wonderful and empowering work in the world.