Guides, Ghosts, and other Beings

A comment on Facebook recently has led, as it often does, to a realization that there is much confusion in some minds as to the differences among the beings that have our care in heart, and the ones who don’t seem to have that intent.

It is absolutely true that there are dangers on this journey, and one must find out who is saying what to you. Especially if that communication is with someone invisible who suddenly pops into your head with commentary or guidance for you. In some circles there is a premise that all beings are bad, or suspect in some way, unless they are “of God” whatever that may mean to you. That was the fear behind that comment, as I saw it.

I barely recall now the first time I got such communication, and it was the kind that I now know WAS bad. It seemed so natural to me, since I had already had conversations with my cat, as a little kid. I now know that I was a natural medium, a gift from other lives. I was not scared of it, but I ended up being the conduit for at least two books through this entity. Eventually I got to know a medium, who I told my story of the being. She knew the score, so she made me aware of the nature of this being. I got scared THEN, and it led to me being spiritually banned from practicing my gift until I could get training for it. A guide came forward, and all communication was with her from that point on.

That is another story. Right now I am going to share with you what I learned during this intense training as a conscious medium.

Guide: A being with whom you had a relationship from another life, who is devoting all their considerable energy and knowledge to you, exclusively. They are with you and care for and about you for as long as you need them. The movie Always, by Stephen Speilburg, was about guides, from the perspective of someone who died and got that honor by dint of good service.

Gatekeeper: Another being, who may stay with you along with the guide, but who helps you vette the beings who might otherwise intrude upon your spiritual space. You may never meet this being, because their role is basically background, like a firewall in your computer. But as you ‘come on-line’ in terms of your awakening to what is around you, you will be like a light turned on where you were dark or of no interest before. So you will need that being very much.

Guardian Angel: Not a guide or a gatekeeper, he/she/it is an independent being on their own path of growth, who takes on the role of bodyguard of sorts, for many of the times when you might come to physical or spiritual harm. They are close to you and you might at some point be in a position to feel their presence or their wings may wrap around you when you feel sad. They can leave you feathers or other signs of Presence. They can guard you from the bad ones if you call for it, but must leave you to your fate if you do not, due to the Free Will clause in your contract.

Now, about those bad ones: Called by many names created during a time in our past when I suspect there was an outbreak of bad things happening, they are among us. Invisible, like the angels and others, lurking in the shadows, they care not a fig for that Free Will Clause. If they can eat your energy, they will. The ‘devil on your shoulder’ is not a joke. Someone who can’t kick the drugs or the drink is often kept to it by that rider, who is basically eating the energy of that poisoning.

House Devas: Neither bad nor good, the energy of a house is made up of all the things that go into making a house, plus all the people that lived in that house through its lifetime. This includes apartment houses, hotels, motor courts, and in some instances mobile home parks. Any PLACE on earth may also have a central energy matrix (or a deva) attached to it that has grown up into its role. A house may ‘go crazy’ due to bad humans doing bad things in that place, or it is placed on a nexus of negatively charged energy. It is not the fault of the deva, that it is crazy, and it is possible to cleanse it of negative energy, change its dynamic through feng-shui and or exorcism of the negative influences, etc.

I have communicated with more than one of these entities in my time as a housekeeper. They can become visible, and they can also talk telepathically or through bumps and groans of the house itself. They are NOT ghosts. Though technically an ‘AI’, Artificial Intelligence, a house deva is sentient insofar as the home itself, and more so as it ages. If someone is renovating a house, it can disturb the entity, and it can react as a ghost might if it is strong enough. When renovating, it is best to set up a dialog in which intent for the property is discussed as with equals. It is just good business. Just walk in, say hello, tell the house what you want to do, and let it decide if it will welcome you. You will feel something pretty quickly. If it is okay with things, you may find that the renovation goes like magic. If not, all kinds of problems can emerge. It can become a money pit.

Now you know a few of the things that go bump in the night a little better, and can discern the ones that are friendly and the ones who are not. The ones who help are easy to spot. They will NEVER steer you wrong. The other kind do that on the regular, but keep you on the string to them so they can keep on eating your energy. Only some of them are in bodies. They have no empathy and only one intent.

I pray that this helps you on your Way, blessed beings.