Life as a house

One of the first things that you notice when stepping on the Path is that things seem to go even more wrong in your life than they already were. As if lightening is striking all the time, hitting you with deadly accuracy. Jobs dissolve, divorces become necessary or finalize or become acrimonious. Relationships with family members crystallize into the realization that you are not anywhere near the same page in thought, word, OR deed. You wonder how you ever lived with these alien beings.

In a way all these things were always with you, but you did not see them, or saw them in a semi-haze in which you might have had hints that things were not quite right but just could not put anything together enough to do anything about whatever you sensed.

Think of it this way: Up to the moment you came to your senses, you lived in a dorm full of other people who thought they had the run of the place. The doors were open, the windows were broken, there were rats in the walls, the cellar and plumbing were shot, and don’t even turn on a light because this building should be condemned. Every night a party, no one cleans anything, and where are you in all this?

You have been asleep on the couch, or in some cases you were locked in the attic by someone you allowed inside. It is a house of horror. No wonder you are shocked when you finally wake up. Your reality becomes magnified and you begin by actually drawing more of the same vibration that you have become accustomed to in your sleep state. But it looks worse, because you now have to do the clean up of all that you have allowed to infest your territory. You need help.

To get that help, you have to go outside of your house. Wading through the disaster zone is very disheartening, but when you find your way out the door, or the crack in the wall, you will find that you have friends. Your guide and guardian angel have been silent witnesses to the demolition of your house. Silent because you essentially contracted for this disaster to occur, the awakening to occur, and the return to health, as well.

How powerful you are! But you feel so weak and sad, because of what you see. and don’t see, because for the most part you see no help at all. Have Faith, you are being taken by the hand, to find the crew who will aid you in your home repairs. At each point, when you need a plumber with that expertise in deep excavation, or the electrician who loves to renovate from the ground up, or the painters later on, you will be able to ‘run across’ magically speaking, the right one for you.

You have the faith of a mustard seed, but you cried out for help with that faith, and you were heard. They cannot do enough for you, and have been waiting for you to whisper “help”, because until you do, nothing can be done at all.

I know this because it happened to me. I had a house of horrors. I had to renovate from the deep underground plumbing to the rafters, where the roof had blown off in the hurricane of my divorce. It took ten years, and many friends pitching in to make my house a magical sanctuary for my soul to keep. It does not happen overnight or in a vacuum, or magically snapped into being as a healed place. But it is all mine, now, and whoever I invite had better behave or they get their marching orders.

You own your own home. The shell you live in is your animated vessel until you die. If you leave your doors and windows open, things and people can come in and track in mud and other things. If you don’t want that, then you have to work on ousting unwanted guests, sealing up the cracks, hiring dogs to run off the rats, guards to enforce the new law of the land. All this while learning carpentry, plumbing, electrical, design and landscaping. No wonder it is not instantaneous on this side of the veil.

On the other side, the astral, as soon as you reclaim ownership, the rules apply, and you get help with the policing, etc. The rest is the magic of manifesting in the physical the beautiful building that you contracted for in the long ago time before your birth. Your Vision of your ‘house’.

Now, it is up to you. If what I told you is too daunting a task, you can choose to remain in the house that is what you made of it. It is all about choice. Sometimes houses fall down, because of our choices made while less conscious. It does not mean that it is over, the bed made, to be lain in forever. That is a lie told by someone once, but it does not need to be your story. Make your life a beautiful house again. Keep making it your life work, above all else, selfishly.

Have a beautiful Life

Namaste, beloveds

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