The Web of Life

The connection we share as human beings is often depicted as a spider web. It is so throughout history in various cultures. Some of us are familiar with Grandmother Spider in First Nations stories. Some may hark back to the Greeks, who spoke of three sisters of Fate weaving a loom of threads. There are many other tales, but they all carry the theme of connection.

Of late many Ascending souls are beginning to experience connection in more conscious terms. They feel tensions and stress that may seem to have no truth in regards to their own life experiences. However, in terms of the sacred connectedness of Humanity, it has always been true that we share dynamic energetic connections that extend beyond family ties.

Every time you speak with someone, you make a connection. It can carry on well after you part company. It is the reason some are quite successful in business or personal affairs. They make those connections easily and they stick in terms of continuity. Equally, it can be why some seem to have little or no success, drifting away from others or being unable to keep social networks alive.

Like dots or drops of water on a spider web, we can be viewed energetically as points on that great web of Life. Some are great lights that attract and are connected to many other lights. They feel their connections and know when something happens to one of those ties that bind. It is why the more intuitive among us feel when something happens to their child far away in time and space, as it happens or soon afterwards. That is real, with documented evidence in modern times as in past times. It is also why humanity can so easily become a mob, or a force for social change. An instant agreement can be reached through this bond of social telepathy.

In large and in small, this occurs regularly. So it should come as no surprise that we should now have a more conscious awareness of our nature as energetic beings. However, over and over again it must be explained to those newly engaging in the energetic world that we are really all One in this Web. Because we are connected, we sense the anxiety levels of the world when they amp up over the latest fear factor.

However, at the same time as the Fear amps up, there are those great lights I mentioned, that have the work of shining positive energy into the Web, to counter that energy. As more people come to know their power as Divine Beings again, that light gets brighter, and the fear reduces exponentially. It becomes harder for the fear to manifest in whatever form it has taken this week.

It seems so simplified when I say it. Now I have the Faith it takes to believe what I am saying. The Light is Rising. It has its own steam now, having reached critical mass. It cannot be stopped by the mechanisms that have ruled our ignorant world. It is so beautiful to watch.

Every soul that spends sleepless nights feeling strange anxiety and finding the news in the morning more disturbing by the second, is actually feeling the Web. It is time then to practice yoga, meditation, self care, deep breathing, disengaging from fear factor expansion by ceasing watching the news and choosing alternate courses of life. Engaging positive and True relations. Clipping those unprofitable connections like pruning a tree of dead branches. Saving ones own life. In this way you become a Light for productive change. An Evolutionary.

Happy Web Surfing