What was I THINKING?

One of the many things that come up during conversations on the Ascension Support page on Facebook is the theme of What was I thinking? in regards to how hard it seems to be to be here on the Earth plane while going through the physical effects of becoming crystallized form while holding on to the Earth Suit.

For the answer to that question one will have to have some idea of how it was in the very beginning of human Time. When we began to have the idea of going about in skin suits so we could experience through form things like sunlight, butterflies, rainbows seen in a limited spectrum, things impossible while only in spirit.

I believe that arrangements were made with other beings to make our bodies possible, and agreements as well that we don’t recall. Be that as it may or may not actually be, we have these fleshy envelopes, marvels to behold. Upwards of 200 ponds of skin and bones animated by our wills as spirits. Somewhere along the line of thousands of years, we forgot the miracle of our birth as humans blazing in glory.

Our knowledge of ourselves petered out until another Plan came into effect. The one we are in Now, the Ascension game, where we change everything and try a new thing: Ascending while still keeping the physical envelope, our skin suits.

While this knowledge of our Truth as Divinities began to filter into our consciousness somewhere in the 1800’s, to various degrees of effect, it really began to take off only in the last part of the past century. From 1990 until 2020, so far. A very few years for something so miraculous to infiltrate the mass consciousness of Humanity to the point where more than 60 thousand flock to a page on Facebook to try to join up and get some information on what is happening and WHY ME? With more out there wondering and fearing, every day.

Fearing because for the most part it seems quite isolating at times. Feelings you never had before crop up, ears start ringing, there are dizzy spells, and relationship issues. Pretty scary. However, before your birth this cycle of incarnation, you lined up to become a part of something so marvelous that it is not any wonder that it is starting to catch fire and will change the entire world view in a few more years.

That is what you were thinking. In the time in spirit before life began again as a baby in the womb, you made a choice. You DID know that it would be hard. You gripe now that you did not know How hard. Of course not. When out of body there is no pain, and a kind of amnesia about pain itself. A blessed thing, in my opinion, seeing what humans do to each other because of our own forgetting as humans.

Memory loss on a massive scale about our Divinity has led to all of what we think of as our Sorrows. We do it to ourselves and are our own devils. Why would anyone NOT want to work toward a goal of retrieving our power as Immortals having a neat experience in flesh?

The hardship is part of the package, I have come to be aware. Every step drenched in blood, sweat, and tears is worth the candle. We already surprised the angels and other beings out there, who did not think we would do this well at this new game. Critical mass has been achieved, and we are unstoppable now. I have lived to see this happen, and I have been pessimistic about that for a long time, even while I was working toward that goal myself, as a Wayshower not knowing myself or my Calling.

You have just begun. I am 66 years old and started my journey in 1998 in a desert arroyo. I am honored to know you and help you on your way.

Blessings, Beloveds