The Dawning

Just now a beautiful being discovered a message in a bottle in the form of a song from the 70’s titled The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, by The Fifth Dimensions.

She was excited by what she felt was ‘new’ music from that era of intense change. The young people who wrote it did so not by accident, but by design…..part of the Divine Plan for the humans on earth to begin to disseminate the message of the coming Unity of our times. They sang with passion, which I pray is now going to be heard again in these times.

It went underground, and the people who created that marvelous music either seemed to fall into mainstream business, trading in their love beads for suits and ties, or they bugged out and off the grid into the mountains and other hidden places, growing pot and keeping low profiles.

Some of us never really lost any of our heart and souls. We waited. There were the 70’s, the voracious consumer 80’s, then came the 90’s, when we began to have wake up calls. Well, some of us did. One after another when the computer era dawned and the internet allowed it to flourish, we were called to write or in some other way again disseminate the messages we were receiving.

When 911 woke up America for a minute it also woke others of us to the fact that there were things going on, the Age had come in fury and destruction, but not as doom, but as glory. The Truth we heard in whispers in our hearts was real, and out there. It had not been a lie. It was the Age of Aquarius, and if we wanted that song to be true we would have to do something about it.

So the grey hippies are now coming to light, the mentors for the new kids on the block. Millennials really need our skills now, as they find out about all the nasty and great things the new age has to offer, and discover unity in action. Remember sit ins, love ins, all the rest, and forget the drug scenes and the violent labor pains of riots. Because that happened too. I hope it does not have to happen again.

Exciting times to live in, yes? Peace In, Beloveds.