Left Behind?

A question asked regularly is: What about those who seem to be unwilling or unable to change and accept Ascension? What happens to them?

The Answer is: No one is left behind.

The idea of this miraculous mass event that has been planned for centuries before implementation in our time, is that everyone is going to Remember Who They Really Are. That means those who are now practicing narcissism, those who are possessed, those who are killers and rapists, and other nasty types who we just don’t like.

Source lives in all of us. Just as it lives in the birds and bees, flowers and trees. A leper is just as loved as a saint. Since most of us are not saints, I think we can get on board with that one, at least.

Usually this question is asked by one suffering under someone who we label a narcissist. They may have been told and become convinced that they are the ones who are bad. So they fear for their future in this new world. Or they fear for their loved ones who are the ones seemingly unredeemable.

But this is the old testament rearing its ugly head again. If you sin, you don’t get in. Sorry, we all sin, and we all get in. Why? Because we are all God. We are the spark that ignites our own evolution. The true Unity of agreement, soul to soul.

When we are in spirit, between lives, we do not think of what we were before. We do not recognize that someone was killed by someone else. Torture is what it is, pain of earthly nature. A baby that died ten minutes after it is born is just as beloved as a person who lived 90 years, and neither feels any differently about their experience. It was an experience. No judgement.

Why we do this while on the Earth plane is part of our experience, the game we have been playing for so long. So of course sin would be a great game to play, with so many ramifications. But NOW, the new game is Freedom. No more amnesia. The new children come in fully aware, and won’t that be fun to witness! So they do not forget, there will be new mentors and wisdom schools, and discoveries of those long held secrets of the mystery schools.

We can look forward to much forgiveness, as the anger of the past is dissolved in the Remembrance of Who We Are as divinities on earth.

Beloveds, the memo reads: NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND. No one is going to come back as an amoeba on an ocean planet while waiting to ascend because they did wrong things and cannot be redeemed. I don’t work for a God who would do that to any of Her creations. I ask anyone who thinks that to examine their own motivation for thinking that.

We live in exciting times, and that also means fearful times for most of humanity. Let us not add to these fears by putting forth agendas of elitism. We are all Gods sparks. Let our lights shine brighter by the minute by clearing our own fears out like dust in the wind.