Staying home

This morning as i woke to bright sunlight after many days of blessed rain, I reflected upon the conversations I had been having about how the people who are usually at work are coping with the sudden solitude of being house bound. I spoke to a neighbor who I knew as a workaholic, who never stayed long in her apartment, as she basked in a moment of sunlight between showers. We still do that in my building, despite all the social distancing.

She looked exhausted, and told me that she had spent days getting her money situation straightened out from being sent home. She worked in the hotel industry, as a massage therapist. Not working was really hard on her in more ways than just the money. She found herself at very loose ends because she loved her healing work, and now could not do that because she could not touch anyone.

Although many are beginning to view the time off as a final ability to get some sleep, soon enough it will begin to wear on them. There have been jokes about drinking too much wine, and other things to compensate for the stress of staying home.

I found my thoughts following the line of one of my first posts, about life being a House. I thought of the fact that many view their houses as pass through places, to drop on to couches at the end of the day after they walked the poor dog who never sees them until nightfall. To watch a little tv to decompress, then to run from when they get a mere two weeks off to decompress even further.

This crisis may not last two weeks, but at least there will be no opportunity for most to run away from their physical homes, so it seems that some folks who never considered it might begin to work on their real homes, the ones that they take with them all the time.

Yes, I mean the Spiritual home. Too busy running in place to achieve whatever you think is important to get? This is now the time when there is no excuse, and no time like the present, to begin the journey that millions of people have already embarked on. I guess you thought you would get to that in your forties? When you were OLD. Uh Oh. The jig is up.

Those of us in the spiritual communities around the world have been aware for a long time that the Time was coming when the tipping point was reached and Humanity as a whole would suddenly Awaken. We have been preparing for this for literally a century in advance. That is the real Secret. But, it is out now. If this present crisis isn’t enough to shake some of the more stubborn loose of their moorings on ‘reality’, another will arise, and then again, a mini apocalypse ongoing with continual raptures.

I think some people may be surprise as they look around at their physical representation of their spiritual houses, and find some things are not as they thought they were. They may have striven to adorn that house in order to make it look good. But they may not have taken much time to actually LIVE in it. I think that some may begin to wonder why they are investing so much time in the ‘look good’ when they could have have a more substantial, more REAL experience in their life. Now they will be Living in their Houses, and I think some renovations might take place during and after this Event. I look forward to witnessing these construction projects unfold. I look forward to Helping them unfold.

These are interesting times. I do not regard them as a Chinese curse. I see them as a Blessing from Heaven.

Namaste, Beloveds. This too shall pass, and like the phoenix, we Rise