What about the 144,000? Why this specific number of Souls that are supposed to come to earth in the end times to ‘save’ humanity or be harbingers for the new age?

A good question. I think that it relies upon text laid down around 2000 years ago by those who were under stress and praying for a better future. Their world was not small, but it was not the world we know of Now, with millions of humans and a concept of a round world with lots of ways to communicate with others.

For the writers of that text that ended up creating the bible as we know it today, that number of prophets and wayshowers could conceivably tip the balance of Dark to Light, which they devoutly kept the hope for. The figure keeps the resonance of 4, Balance. In that time, the Hebrew wisdom keepers used 4, as in 40 days and 40 nights, as we use 30 days to represent a time frame for events.

I do know that in these modern times, with so many more humans in the world, that number would be way too small to have the same level of impact on the world unless each of these would be able to come out to a population ready to accept the wisdom teachings of these souls. The Way was prepared for the Wayshowers, by a group of precursors I call the Light Spreaders, some of whom made big names for themselves. Purposely this was so. The Wayshowers had other duties, and we have been much quieter in our work.

So there are more than that original number who came to do the great work of changing the world as it is known. Now the work shifts from building the ‘roads and signposts’ to mentoring the ones who are ready to continue the work that will become available as the Light increases and the tides of Darkness we have been experiencing for centuries wanes. Things are going to be exposed. bones ugly and beautiful will be revealed. it is already so.

The blessings of the millions of wayshowers upon you, fair reader. I bow to your joyous journey.