The death of Ego

A question that is asked constantly is about ego, and the death of ego as we rise in Ascension. To that I say: Ego does not die. Ego is the word for Self, in Latin. Your Self does not die…why would you want that? Right now, ones self is not in a healthful state when one is triggered all the time, because it is trained poorly. It is like a monkey running around, being bad because it is not fed. What you WANT is to learn how to teach your Self how to discern what is good and bad, not react, and be fed good things. Believe me, it will tone right down and do its real job of interfacing with the world, warning you when you Should fear something.

It is my sense that when we began life as humans in bodies, we needed to find out when something was scary, like a lion was coming to eat us. We needed this because we were powerful beings who knew nothing about the world we came to inhabit. We were like little children before they find out about fire, falling down, and pain in general being important to their lives.

Without bodies, we can go through things, fly, travel instantly everywhere. With bodies, we must build machines to do those things, and some of them we have not re-mastered in terms of machines as yet. In bodies, we are finite and there are risks to our lives. How do we know about these things? The Latin word, ego, or self, is an interface device that has gotten a bad rap. It is so necessary, but these days no one has a clue why that is so, let alone how to make it stop screaming and acting like that bad monkey.

In Religious Science we know it as the monkey mind, and do work to come into relationship with it. I say that I give it a nice banana and send it to the chair I made for it. From that chair, happy and content, it sees that it is a friend and can warn me of danger without feeling ignored.

There are things in this world that are valid to fear. In a world devoted to science and so many toys, bells and whistles, stepping outside the door may not seem so scary, so we do scare ourselves with horror stories, maybe to get that monkey moving. But the monkey cannot distinguish between things on a screen and things jumping out of the woods. So is it any wonder we are jumpy so much of the time?

With that in mind, do we really want that monkey to die? I don’t. I like my little friend. She has helped me out a few times when I would not know the difference between a hat and a handsaw, or a dog that wants to bite my hand that I innocently hold out to pet it.

I pray that I have helped you out in your understanding of your relationship to your ego, and may you be better friends because of it.

Namaste, beloveds