Go deep, plant seeds

It has been a while since I have posted anything. The reason being that I have been engaged in a creative time, which I did not realize coincided with the movement into Aries, my moon sign. It also coincides with a creative process which I sense is going on all over America, and perhaps the world at this time. I am a creature of my times, and have been meshing from the beginning with the ebb and flow of my century, and the renewal of Hope in this new age.

Ten years ago I came down from a mountain retreat that of course seemed unplanned, an accidental tragedy turned into a powerful experience in living on sacred land. During that time I experienced magical events almost daily. I brought that powerful experience into my new living space, also a magical opportunity I had worked and waited for, for many years.

Now, I am in this safe haven, and the need to repurpose my space had reached the point in which I broke an entropy I did not notice, to begin moving furniture, cleaning spaces as I went, and am still engaged in. At this point most of my spaces are now much lighter in feel, reflecting a new lightness of Being. As I adapt and shift into the new feel, I see more areas that can lighten up. Each time I move things I need to clean them, alter them somehow, and sometimes hammer nails where none were before. In short, it is like moving in again, but with the added benefit of being able to relax about it and not have all the money pressure of moving in to the new space.

I have the sense that it is like that for many now, because of the close quarters in a place that once might have just been a pass through location, a place to drop stuff off and lay ones head. Now that is an actual living space, so some of you might be feeling this kind of creative pressure as well. this will of course reflect on the grander scale of our nation. Already I am seeing some changes in how people are looking at certain mistreatments of neighbors and land allocations to first nation peoples, etc. I expect good results from all this creative angst in the months ahead.

I actually pray that the ‘lockdown’ continues, though it of course is a bit wearing in ways I did not expect. I now have a problem with how to jettison some of my accumulated flotsam, both large and small. I have a network of give-aways, though, so this will not be a hardship for me. As to the nation, this might become more of a challenge. We are jettisoning centuries of mental debris when we change all of our thought forms regarding how we care for our family, who we did not think of AS family before now.

A lot of attention became focused on certain people, and much has been done about certain relationships. But there are others that are just as old, that now need urgent change. The skeletons in the closet are dancing a jig, and will come out even when we don’t want to deal with them. The way I must now deal with the closet in my home that holds all the art supplies that must be dealt with as I begin to connect with my artistic processes in new ways, or old ones re-imagined. Each period of time in life gets to re-purpose itself, and if one is an artist one thinks there is only one way to express until something comes along that demands another expression to emerge. when one returns in the spiral one can decide anew how one can express old art in a new form that awes all who behold it.

I look forward to that new expression, as I do in terms of the broader spectrum of America the Beautiful. Yes, She is in need of a renovation, because I think we can agree that she has gotten pretty saggy of late. Spider webs, dust T-rexes, and What is that SMELL! But good bones, so lets get to work. (I have been watching renovation shows, thank you Hulu).

Are you ready?