The Shape of Things That Are

All of my life I have heard the term: The Shape of Things To Come. It is taken as a signal of Hope. When I became a Religious Scientist, I learned the difference between Hope and Faith. I learned that Hope was wishing things were different, and Faith was Knowing things were different even though evidence screamed that they were not.

Since last week, when an idea was created by my larger community that there be a virtual prayer demonstration, and my smaller network of prayer practitioners decided that we would do our own version for our Center, I have been in communion with my Soul, creating my prayer for the Light Workers of the world. As this communion continues, I am noting the world of light workers echoing a voice of change within its ranks, in response to this opportunity to go within and be in Silence, of a sort uncustomary for so many humans in the world.

Isolation is a time of Silence, in which many are now finding themselves becoming at ease. In that time they, and myself, have begun to purge themselves of worldly goods that no longer have a place in the shape of things to come. I have been engaged in that act of purging, going through my home and closet spaces, cleaning, deciding, backing off, resting, deciding again, gifting when the things in the bags stop speaking of their ties of memory to things past, unneeded.

I have seen that this shedding is more necessary now than ever before, and I have had a sense of preparation in this purge. I have purged before, and it always felt good to do so. But there has been pain….emotion came with it when a thing was going away. This time there was relief. I see that there are more boxes on the streets by the houses of things other people are also not wanting, as they get ready for something wonderful.

I began this morning in communion, feeling pensive. The air was clear, and cool. The doves cooed. There were smiles as the walkers of dogs went by, so many of them now, when there were only a few before. I smiled back and thought: we are already at play, weaving our network of roots, strong through the years, the centuries of Hope held in gentle and fierce hearts. Light Work is now becoming something else in these new times, which are really very ancient times brought forward through those eons by ancient souls who came into the seeming Chaos of World Wars and small conflicts that defined our last century in The Age of Pisces.

These souls, brave beings all, came to do something awesome, something that had never been done, even in the ancient times each came from. Light Spreaders and Light Bearers, and Wayshowers began to emerge as the Plan began to unfold. Light Worker began to be known as those who worked with energy, but enlarged to include any who did service in ritual or grid work or any Path work, as more began to Ascend in consciousness.

All of these were good names for the groups of souls who were initially crafting the new world. That was the vision Then. Because of that Vision, the weaving of Now has a strong foundation. The new souls have a different way of doing things, and I sense that they need a new name. Right now, I feel the sense of weaving of the roots of networking, like the strong roots of the trees that grow from the grandmother trees of the forest. All together, the forest whispers the song of the grandmother tree into the next tree sapling, and they all sing Unity and Harmony into the earth through these roots. This is their natural state of Being. Why they make selfies and twitter and interface through the computer as we have done in the astral network in times past. They bring that into the Now without even thinking about it.

So I call a new name into the world for these souls. That name is Light Weaver. These souls are already declaring the Shape of Things That Are. I look forward to seeing what that shape is going to be. They are clearly seeing that the grandmothers and grandfathers are not talking out of their hats about what is needed to grow a world. They will take what they can and leave the rest of the old world to shed like a snake skin, like leaves of the forest trees in autumn, that clothe the ground and shield the tender shoots from cold.

The Shape of Things That Are is already a very good thing. It only gets better from here.