The other side

I have been doing a lot of meditating in the early morning as the sun rises, upon the state of the world. This morning as I rose to dress and greet the sun, words came from my mouth in the Silence I have been experiencing throughout my day.

Those words were: We are almost on the other side of this.

What could THAT possibly mean, I wondered in the sunlight beauty of the dawn? So that is what I meditate on.

I thought at first it meant the end of my personal cleansing process, and then expanded on that to the process I noted in another post: that I was part of a larger process in my home town. A tidal flow of goods were being distributed via the Web created out of the great Fire of three years past. But also on the street corners by homes, a person could walk and glean what they needed from worldly goods put out by the curbs with unabashed but unspoken release. I watched a man and his wife debate over the need of a beautiful plate I had released. They decided against it, but I knew someone else would come for that golden plate, and I felt joy in that.

As my musings continued, I saw that the number of souls walking about on the street where I lived, had increased, and the feeling was not one of fear, as in prior days, when I could dance from one end to the other without a soul knowing what I did, while they were in their homes with shades drawn. I am glad of it, because that time reminded me of the silence of the aftermath of Fire, where not even crows could make a living.

This was like what happened as the birds returned, and people came home to find what they would find, and began again. I feel that we are beginning again, and as we found through the Fire, we are new in this time. Things have changed us in ways we may sense in depth as time will come.

We have MADE that change, because we are part of the glorious renovation of our world, not a bit separate from it as myth has somehow convinced us of. This time of enforced time out has been instructive and vital for the world. Now, as never before, it is seen how the personal informs the global. We as human beings will create the way in which we emerge from this Event, and I capitalize that on purpose, and we will actually create the Timing of that emergence, like a chick will time when it is ready to break its shell.

Many of us will not want to return to the way it was, because that is the old shell self. This new way will feel so much more relaxed and real. It already does, we are already adapting to it. This will create the new reality more than if we had not had this experience of enforced cessation from our old lives. Some interesting things have fallen away. Some easy, some hard. Another kind of Fire.

Divine Alchemy rules here and now. Not a myth spun in church on Sunday, or a shamanic journey done once in a while for fun. Here it is, as unequivocal as can be. God Is, and all is well.

Blessed Be, my beloveds.