Collective Emotions

A post today about feeling a great fury got me to thinking of how we respond as Light Weavers, to the deep well of emotions flowing through the Collective Web at any time.

Right now, someone is beating up on someone, perhaps having a reason they think is valid, but often as not for no reason at all, just feeling that fury and needing to express it somehow. Always they do so with violence, and then we have a choice in response to it.

The abuse of power is the issue of the day. Demonstrated in the venting of bad behavior in Minnesota, and so many other hot spots around the globe. LOOK at it. Your personal fury is part of that volcanic emotional venting going on. THIS is the Collective. The subconscious that Carl Jung spoke of years ago. You can choose to ACT out, or you can choose to witness and rise above, to the calm Center of your soul. Trust me: above that turbulence is Peace. What do YOU choose?

I know that most of us would choose that Peace. How to be cool in the midst of fire is a thing that most of us seek our whole lives. We go to ashrams, do marvelous things, go through fire, sometimes literally, to find it.

When we find it, what do we do with it then. What is our response-ability? Our activity in the world is shaped by both our personalities and by the lessons we learned in those ashrams, temples, places of fire and testing. Because we did that work, we become calm centers in which others may find their own balance. In this way we stabilize the volcano, calm the waves, be like Jesus demonstrated in stories told of him.

Another person asked today why her shouts of warning were not being heard. My answer was that the other parties had a choice to listen or walk on by. If one stands on a soap box, eventually the audience gets bored or saturated and wants no more to do with the shouter. I understand the shouter, because I listened to my father shouting warnings for years. I understand how one can stop listening, because there is too much, and saturation point is reached very quickly by those whose ears are so full of hearing it that they no longer can. The shouter wonders why, and feels lonely because the story is all they have any more, and purpose is lost when the audience is. The power is in the audience’s control, but the shouter never knows it.

This is true on so many levels. The extremes being experienced now are due to the fact that the reactions of the shouters, the ones who think they are in power, are finding that their audience is bored, and leaving in droves to find new stories to explore.

It is the work of the Peace filled Light Weaver to be there to tell those stories. Eventually that person that was the troll wanting to roil things up, to be in power through that action, will creep to the back of the crowd around the light weaver sitting on the grass under the tree in the same park he or she was extolling in, telling the story of Peace. That person will begin to HEAR and not FEAR that message. Then they too will be free to choose who they will be.

And our world will be one that works for everyone.

Namaste, Beloveds