Sacred Enemy

There is a tradition in some native american cultures that tell of a Sacred Enemy, a protaganist for ones life, that helps him or her learn important lessons that aid in enriching the life of the one afflicted with this enemy.

In American culture today we may know this person in ones life as a narcissist, a thorn in ones side you can’t get rid of by legal or moral means, who so often is a lover, a father, a brother. On this day of days, when fathers are being honored and remembered fondly if passed on, I offer the opportunity for those whose fathers were less than sterling examples of the role of protector and or champion, to be honored as well.

For the things you have had to put up with through the years, the reason you do not celebrate this day without cringing, or just plain passing on the day, as I still do. For those who emotional abuse by those very souls whose job, according to society at large, was to make sure you were taken care of.

I offer you the idea that this person who harmed when he might help, or was absent without leave more often than not, was actually your best friend. The one that gave you the most intense training for Ascension that you ever could design into your own contract. Because of course you Did just that, in collusion with this person. To take on the role of being an enemy, when in fact if they were conscious of it, they could remember that they had been your best beloved in other lives, is a powerful tool for the ascending master.

The idea of suffering being the best teacher has been part of the human matrix for thousands of years, and what better way for an individual to learn how to leave that idea in the dust than to be IN suffering constantly through emotional trauma. Physical and emotional scarring then becomes the basis for crystallization of what one does NOT want in life.

There will be those reading this that will gasp at me for saying this. But I come from years of emotional trauma. It was a blessing that I did not suffer the real physical pain and danger that the many human souls I know about through their stories have suffered. This is real, and I am honoring what we have all gone through, boys and girls who never had that ideal father figure.

These people never know themselves as Sacred Enemies. They may never get to leave that role save through death. After life, everything is known about the relationships one has in life.

For those who took on this role, I salute you too, now. Believe me it has taken this abused woman a long time to come to the place where I can not only forgive, but salute a man who in life was a real piece of work. But I would not have pushed for finding a better way if he had been less bad Leo than he was. I found that Way, and say unto all of us who had no good fathers, that your time of agony is your greatest opportunity for Light.

And that that agony will pass. You may have more than one Sacred Enemy in your life, and this colors all other relationships: the contrast is important to growth. How you free yourself from the tangled web woven between the two of you is as varied as the thousands of people who are now doing just that. It is not just men, but women, too, who fall into these tangles and must extricate themselves from them, for all mortal beings are involved in abuses of power in these beginning times, and the greatest of these begin at home, with the adult in the relationship.

So let the day be celebrated by all, for all, who are the good fathers and the bad fathers who have a different role in life than the one understood in the common social order.

The Green Man picture that I put up today is to remind me of the Divine Masculine as celebrated in Celtic lore, and also because he looks a bit like my father after swimming in the chlorinated pool in one of the houses we lived in together over time. See…. good memories surface upon forgiveness, and the passage of Time.

Blessings on your day, Beloveds.