Embracing the New

I am seeing many people going in to the month of July having hoped that we would go back to the way things were. Schools are thinking of openings, churches and spiritual centers are looking for the days when there would be full congregations in a physical space.

There are fears here. Real fears about how life would be so different if we went all the way to September with this plague scenario present in our lives. Real fears of how to make the money keep flowing. Real fears about losing congregations through lack of physical contact to keep fellowship alive. I hear those fears.

Yet the reality is that this New is being embraced even as the old guard and the way things have been done, gasp and worry about the money and how it is to be managed if they don’t get donations, or schools go into virtual mode only. Shops are embracing on line purchasing. Brick and mortar establishments are morphing into warehouse and order options, not to cope, but to thrive.

Others, Ascending Masters, are moving into another type of life. Yes, there are mad beings who go out unmasked to create chaos, because they are mad, and don’t know any other way, and sometimes they are paid to keep the madness flowing for those who have a wider agenda for chaos. But I think that the bulk of humanity are adapting to the New World Order quite well.

It is my sense, and I am not alone in this, that the plague time is an enforced time of Silence for humanity, and that it will not be over until the bulk of humanity sees this and stops working toward destruction via the ideas of duality and separation from Source. The evidence of my theory is the destruction being caused by the mad men who are running our country into the ground for their greed.

The opportunity being presented by the mad men due to their own actions, will play out in the last vestiges of duality known as the national election in November. I do not expect a primal sea change at that time, but whoever gets the vote will have much to deal with and they had better get it right. It has long been told in spiritual circles, that the sun would rise on a New Age in which there would be open sourced group communication on a global level, prosperity beyond the dreams of the present working class poor, Balance and Harmony undreamed of. The ideas of duality are being morphed away every day we stay in, watching the internet like hawks on a post in a field of mice.

Humans are creative and adaptable beings. Both of these sterling qualities have saved us countless times when all seemed lost. It is being enacted again, even as I write this post. Someone is creating an online business because their job just feel through and they have family to feed on the pittance the government has seen fit to bestow upon them to live on until this is over and they go back to the slave pits. This someone will not look kindly on the thought of going back to those treadmill jobs.

If a vaccine came into being today, I think only a few would actually take advantage of the largess, because they have discovered that it doesn’t have to be that way any more. This is July, and the world is already different for America. It is not going away soon, the government is not finding a cure any time soon, and that is a good thing, because we need maximum saturation of Light influence to counter the centuries of darkness and its agendas.

This is a New World. Lets get it in Order. Blessings on your day