Tortoise energy has been coming up for me for many days now in posts and other ways, a sign to heed my Timing. Even during this Time of Contemplation and Transformation, the pace of things is vital. If one tries to release a butterfly from its cocoon before time, it will not be able to fly, having lost a key part of its process.

The energy of this mighty being reminds us of the quality of Time and its sometimes ponderously slow pace. Its wisdom comes in its Trust that its house will always be there, and it will be secure that its needs will be met in the fullness of Time.

In my own life at the moment, my home is secure, so I have time to do some deep excavation of my past. I have been in a long process, taking all of the Contemplation interval that is upon us, to clear my closets, then take a breather, and then go deep diving into the part of my closets that represent what has been left of my art of prior pages of my journal of life.

I was at times excited, and eager to move into a new expression of my former art. It has been a layered affair as I move deeper into my past, back through the sewing phase so necessary to my change into a Soul Centered life. Hand sewing requires one to be quiet and is productively meditative. I produced many things that I am rediscovering. I have made some fine bead necklaces as well. They are coming to light. These represent footprints that I feel I must trace to their roots. A deep journey is ensuing.

I am sure that many will resonate with my personal journey at this time. Even ones who have not had such an opportunity, who gaze at movies like Eat. Pray, Love, and swear to go to the places that lady did on her quest for Self. The movie was good, the book was better. I am not going to those places, because I do not have to, to have a deep dive into self devoid of other input. That is also important, if one has had humans in ones life for a long time and now do not have them, purposely on my part. I have not been to me in a while, I realized somewhere in the third week, when I began my first purge.

Now I have one chair where I had a sofa and two chairs. At one time I hosted small gatherings, so they were almost not enough. But slowly, the guest list went down to one, and as lockdown fell upon us all, then there were none. I gave up my coffee pot, because I was the only one and I suddenly saw it as a habit I got into because of that time, and that was past now. I was holding on to a memory that was not real and had not been real for a long time without recognition.

I Release became a physical reflection of a systemic purge of things and people that had become ancient and very much like cobwebs and dead leaves that had taken up residence in my heart spaces. One must light up those spaces in order to decide what is under those leaves, let the spiders run off screaming, and clear the dust. Sometimes one must also allow the dust to settle before one re-enters the room that has just been swept.

There are treasures in the room. Hidden though they have been, they have been vital to life, in times past. Some of the seeming litter among the leaves may also be important to the future, so it is vital to pace ones self and not sweep it all into the trash can to burn. There will be burning, but not yet.

These musings on a theme are important to me, and if you resonate you may comment on your own processes. I am moving at what my young self would consider glacial speed, that of a tortoise, but I am enjoying this pace. Transformation is always an interesting process, and I pray it never ends.

Blessings on your journey, Beloveds