Sex, Drugs, and Ascension

Ah, I have caught your attention. Many times I have been asked if the person asking must abstain from sex, stop drinking and using drugs, etc, to ascend.

The answer of course is that one has choices in this and all other things in this journey. To decide to abstain is a choice. For some it is an easy choice to stop doing things that upset the balance of ones physical processes. It is hard enough to do this Path work without having to over tax the body we are taking with us for the ride. Addictions tax the body. Balance smooths the way.

However, to stop everything immediately is foolish. Addiction does not come out of the past, other lives, so much as a tendency in the body/mind in this life to have the desire to drink, or over do in so many ways. I come from a family whose immediate ancestor had a problem with alcohol abuse. My father abstained because of that family dynamic, and his desire to break away from that addiction cycle. Because he thought it could pass through the genes, he watched me like a hawk for signs of addictive personality disorder, among other things he feared for me, like a good father does.

While I do enjoy the high of wine or beer, I watch myself as well, but began to use it as pain killer when I was in so much pain from years of heavy physical labor. Compressed nerves in my back that I could do little about at the time, meant that I lived at a level of pain that would make most grown men curl up calling for their mommy, every day of the week. This was during the first phases of Ascension, which I did not know of in those days, since I was a newly awakened soul wandering in ignorance of what we know now.

It did not slow the process, the juggernaut, I see in retrospect. Such is the nature of Ascension that nothing really slows it down once begun. However, at some point I saw that I had a bad habit of stopping at the liquor store when I no longer needed the pain killers, since I had had help in healing the back injury and other pains had abated. Such is the nature of addiction. It is a habit that the body gets into, and since body is not in control of mind, really, mind can say Stop and body must try to comply.

It eventually can comply, of course. Alcohol poisoning is the leading cause of many of the world’s ills, due to lack of control while under influence. Drugs are of course right up there with it, since all of these stem from the belief of need. Smoking is also highly addictive, and we are told it is hard to kick as well, because addiction is complicated by other factors.

But when we finally see that we are supreme beings sovereign in our body temples, we also begin to see that we no longer wish anything else to be in control of us. We begin to clean up. I did it one addiction at a time. I never wished to stink and abuse my poor lungs so I never smoked anything. Check that off. But I did have the wish to explore the sensuality of wines and I did that for many years, as I said. Not for pain relief, that was later, but that was why I went to that recourse instead of major drugs, because it tasted better than drugs, which I already knew were bad news.

So, when I decided to stop the addiction I had to wine and beer, I noticed how my body would scream for it, at first. Slowly the impulse to go to the corner market for my fix dropped off. It took about a month for that to happen. The taste lingered longer. Addictions often take the duration of when they were begun, so it might be that long before the desire and need subside. Or not. Crutches are not needed for longer than it takes pain to subside in an injury. But a mental crutch will take a long time to clear the tape reel of itself. Like a hamster in a wheel, is how I see it……the hamster will actually keep going until it tires out or gets fresh input. Even after you take it off the wheel its little legs twitch with muscle memory. Really quite normal.

So while the answer to the question of abstaining from addictions is, of course you don’t need them, so quit, I subscribe to the one at a time philosophy of life. Pick one, go at it like your life depended upon it, and pay exquisite attention to how it is making you feel while you are doing it. Then, and only then, pick the next one on your list, which I know you made before beginning.

Addiction as I define it is anything you cannot walk away from. Too much of anything that makes you feel bad, makes others around you feel bad about YOU, results in bad things happening in your life, can fall under that category. That includes sex, dear ones. If the only sex you are getting is bad sex, then sex is an addiction of sorts, and what does that mean? Stop it, solve the problem, find out why this is happening, face the demon, any of those action phrases will do. Abstainance from anything is an ACTION, because it is conscious.

The whole idea of Ascension is to become conscious and aware, of self, of others as self, self as a Divine Being having a physical experience. Anything you do that creates a positive action is also resonating in the Web of Humanity, which most of us are conscious of now as well. So what you do has an Effect on that addiction cycle in the world at large. Go clean up now, and feel better, so your ride smooths out. The more you do on YOU, the more that happens. I did it, so can you. Be gentle, go slow and steady, and win this race.

Blessings, my beloveds.