Hulking out

In todays world we are building up a block of anger over so many things. But, on a spiritual path one believes that anger is not a good thing, and we must suppress it, acting as if we don’t have any emotions to process on a daily basis.

There are so many things to be furious about. I have used the Incredible Hulk as the Avatar of Fury in my picture today to give us the opportunity to allow anger free reign. Women, especially, but of course men as well, have been told for a long time that there are certain things they must do and be, in the world, to get by.

Women wear bras and use makeup because they are told that is socially acceptable behavior. We are also told from a very early age, how to act if we want others to like us. Don’t yell, break things, or hurt people. So we look at comic heroes like the Hulk, and secretly long to be like that, but never dare. Unless in a riot situation, even most men do not cut loose with their highly felt emotions, like anger.

When I was young, I internalized my anger, because I knew its power, what I could summon if I succumbed to its sway. Most of us know it is so strong that we lose our sense of humanity. We wake after a riot situation, or some cathartic moment, knowing that we did something so outside ourselves that we pray no one else saw what we did, if we even recall it at all.

There are, of course, those in our society that do not suppress anything. They live on the fringes, become rebels, wild things among us, upon whom we gaze askance, in fear that they will find something in us that is irking to them, so we come into their scope of rage.

But most of us live as if we do not have emotions, or if we do, the only ways we have to express them is to cry, or yell (if you are male, that is likely your acceptable go to response). Women have had to suppress other responses, and today on my go to page for Ascension related events, the main topic was the desire to break things. Noting that it was by and large women of about 40 (estimated age) saying these things, I reflected that this was about the age when I began to want to fiercely break free of the tether of my abusive situation. Breaking was symbolic for me, and I did a lot of physical breakage as rebellion grew within me.

I cannot say what each woman was feeling individually. But in the larger sense of Ascension, with this time of virus and mortal fear keeping us on a slow simmer every day, with no let up in sight, I think feeling the need to break things is a very good sign. A person who has been suppressed in some way normally does things like destroy the structures that held them, when the abuser is finally gone, for good and all. Death of a suppressor is sweet freedom, but a terror as well. Loud, noisy, intentional breakage is unbelievably satisfying. When my abuser moved far away, not to return short of death, the first thing I did, after getting used to the silence in the house, was to destroy his room. I broke the walls, noisily and with gusto. I threw the scraps in the yard, and left them for days, stomping on them occasionally, not caring about the neighbors eyeing my madness.

I advised these women to go ahead and break stuff. To do it loudly, and often. Basically this healthy action is going to result in something wonderful, but it is already that, because it is not a goal oriented thing. It is an action of fury. A Hulk out by someone who has never done so is a beautiful thing to witness, in my opinion.

We are diving deep into our psyches at this point in the 6th full month of Isolation. We will be dealing with trying out healthy methods of coping with what we will find there, in the dark shadow lands that so many of us have been avoiding like the plague itself. Spring came in plague, Summer has passed in Fire, and now the phoenix begins to stir among the ashes. Our nation will be reborn from the egg of our individual Soul selves. I would be worried if we were not speaking of breakage, at this point in Rebirth.

So, go forth into your homes and find things that need breaking. Hulk out in safe ways. Find walk in freezers to scream in. Something to do that means you have to get funky, and get your inner Hulk on. G-rrrrrrr girl!!

Have fun now.