Every step you take

Every person you meet, and every thing that comes into your life, is a step on the road of Ascension (IE) Remembering Your Self. Last week began for me with a screaming computer and the hacking of my accounts across the board. I called the tech service and got help, meeting a young man who had a dream. He wanted me to become a part of that dream, and worked hard to make it so, explaining how it could be.

Forgive me that I began to question that dream, at least as he presented my part of it. I am suspicious by nature, having lived such a life that questions everything. So I trusted, but verified, a good philosophy in life and one that has helped me survive things that would devastate me otherwise. I took the idea up to Source, and rediscovered why I do what I do in the way that I do it. Also that I did not need the things this young man still desires in life.

There was nothing at all wrong about his dream, and the way he wished to surmount obstacles in pursuit of that dream. He inspired me to remember my own dreams. I did listen to him, because at this point I know that even someone who is not quite on the same page has something to offer me.

After the storm had passed and my computer was safer and sounder, passwords and vpn protected to the maximum it could be again, I had a chance to consider the ideas presented through this young man, by Source. The idea of more money in my wallet to have as a cushion, the idea of being able to do what I desire to do, etc. I realized that what I want to do will require more than my own resources, and that Source is my Resource, so I can Trust that when it is time, what I need will be provided in a magical way. For a moment I thought this man might be that way, but there was too much that was a slight degree off about it. So, not throwing away an opportunity, but Knowing that opportunity that Does resonate, is going to be offered further down the line when it is the right timing, is a matter of Faith that I am now familiar with.

After the year that we as humans have had together Faith is so important, more so than ever. We are all taking steps, and every one of those steps is vital to our progress, even the ones that seem wrong or come through wrong actions of others. like being hacked and finding help from someone whose desires excite ones own. Nothing is wrong, really. Every step you take will lead you Home somehow. Even the pitfalls will be not so accidental as all that. We are as innocent as babes in new territory, but we have powers that we can access, and instincts to back us up when we smell tigers or snakes.

Hence the picture of the tiger, not to frighten you, but to make you aware that you are able to cope with anything that comes, and that tiger may be a friend in disguise. You got this, and that tiger has your back.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and Blessings abound in life.