There is a lot of questions about the titles of various people who help out others on this planet. Wayshower is a title of mine, but I think, as others of the same type of Light master do, that it is pretentious to speak of oneself this way. While I am not pretentious, the aspect of my service sometimes requires that a title be presented, so the person I speak to has an idea that I am speaking with authority of some sort.

A person who is showing someone a Way seems as if they are a guru or something, to me. I do not need a title to do what I do, and will do as long as I can. All of us have origin stories that are as different as flowers in a field. Yet they hold one Truth: we came to serve in various areas of life, to be Lighthouses for new people on the Path of Ascension, to build lives that are unique to us, demonstrate the uniqueness, and quietly show how to be spiritual beings in a secular world.

Our tasks seemed quite difficult for so many years, as many of us were spiritually attacked, or were practicing amnesia, which somehow was always only semi-amnesia, because we always Knew something and acted differently.

I got a lot of looks from others who sensed the uniqueness of Me, and they would say: You are not from around here, are you? Well, no, of course not, but I am here, not from another star. I am bold in some ways, careful in others, because I have been on earth for many centuries, experienced a LOT of pain and sorrow like every other being on earth. So I can help with a lot of things, because I remember from this and other lives, and it always showed through the veil of amnesia, to those who were also amnesiacs barely remembering.

In this life it has been a long and interesting journey back to Soul, Remembering Who I Am. I sweated and feared for my livelihood like everyone else. My body broke on the wheel of labor, and I have had to live with that broken self until I found healing for it. My Remembering is a journey anyone can take, and I love to help everyone take it because I Remember how painful it is to walk the Ascension road.

So, on this unique expression of Thanksgiving Day, in a Power Point In Time, I give thanks that I am here to serve in this land of the free and the home of the brave. I would not have it any other way, in fact I designed every inch of the journey to this moment and beyond. What a ride it has been.

Blessed Be. And So It Is.

P. S. I am only talking about one of many types of helper out there, and many came during the same period of time as we did, the first Wayshowers, who began showing up around 1990 or so. All have titles, given by others, usually owned by them later or not at all. You can identify them for your selves. Comments are welcome.