It has been a few months since I have felt like posting anything. They have been rough months, but I don’t have to tell anyone that. We have all been through the fine tuning part of the Isolation Plan. Skin has been removed by hard knocks and rapids. Blood has spilled, grief has happened over and over, things have seemed to be lost, but came back better than before.

We are all better than before, even if we don’t know it yet. A friend and spiritual sister of some 25 years of relationship passed for me in December. I experienced grief such as I have not experienced in my lifetime since my grandmother passed so long ago. Life seems to be turning on a dime, as with so many of us now.

What seems to be sadness and loss may actually be opportunity to become something new, something that does not rely on someone else being there all the time, influencing decisions just by being alive in ones life. When they pass one can recognize that their lives cannot weave into yours any more. Your shape inevitably changes. Like a tree that leaned into another, and then that one rots away, you seem to grow differently without noticing at first that you were so entwined.

I think that is what is meant by twin flames. It seems I may have been wrong to say that this is a myth among people who long for long term deep relations with another human being with whom one can agree and mesh heart and soul. I had such a relationship. However, there comes a time in even so valued a time together, when one has to grow beyond the other, and split off to grow on ones own. Then decisions have to be made, since we are not trees or vines, to go on alone. Covid happens to us all on one way or another. Fire happens, or some other thing over which there is no human control.

The relationship can go on in another form, where the time can again be healthy, not one where one is used as a leaning post by the other. So many times I counsel the young that the twin flame relationship is only temporary. But temporary to a young person is not the same as to an older one, with experience to temper the perception of time. So there is grief to deal with for them that is fresh and rich and always new, as they go from flame to flame over and over again.

This is where experience in energetics comes in handy. I know that there are ways to heal the ties that bind, which we all do to one another innocently in relations. Bound by hopes that one is going to be there forever, not knowing that forever on Earth is not forever at all. Bound by need that another is going to fulfill every desire. crushed by disappointment when that does not happen. So many bonds become that way and go on life after life because they are not released.

There are other bonds that have come to light, ones of karma, where people find each other and act out unconsciously some debt perceived: a man who helps a niece with some very important part of her life, and they form a bond of mutual respect that is filled with deep experiences of love and sorrows shared, for example.

Any of these bonds may form in a seeming instant and still be ones of karma, for we do not know what the backstory is. It does go on like this, life after life. But what happens when we become conscious beings having a human experience instead of unconscious beings having an experience of amnesia? What are our obligations to those who are still enmeshed in illusion.

I realized last night that I had one of those bonds in my life, and I became ready to release this person from any obligation to me that he may think he still had. I did this release, and slept long and deep after that, for the first time in weeks. Today I feel light and free in ways I have not realized that I had not felt. A karmic debt was paid as far as I was concerned, and hopefully he may be able to feel he can release from it as well. I have no clue what that back story was, and it does not matter in the least. He came into my life, and when the time came when I needed help he stepped into a role he was not completely suited for, but accepted instantly. That is the nature of these debts, we just don’t seem to know how to release them after payment is made. It remains to be seen what will play out in the human world, but I am saying that as we become More, there is more responsibility to those who are not more yet.

Why I called this post Detachment is because after these kinds of karmic releases, there is a sense of detachment from that person. One may visit, but one is under no obligation to continue if one does not wish to do so. This person may be a family member, but suddenly they or you feel differently about each other. Bad or good seems to vanish, and there is the possibility that someone who one was deeply involved with may just vanish from ones life. Yet there is little grief save for the sensation of not there, so one can become a new shape. The mold of the shared life will remain, but eventually the new shape will grow and time will change the shape around the experience shared. Only love remains if it is done right.

Of course, most humans don’t do it right, and because of the experiences that colors the next relationship. That one can be a carbon copy of the past one, as many find in getting a new man, or a new job, just repeating the same bad things and never getting anything good, no lessons. One has to finally hit rock bottom, stop everything, erase the board, get a new hard drive…..whatever metaphor suits. What is required is a desire for change so deep that you find the new person or people that can help get one out of the mire of illusion. DESIRE is key to this process of growth beyond the rutted road. It seems to happen by accident but of course we know there is no accidental tourism here, it is all by our own design.

This is the true Ascension: we desire change because of pain, to move beyond that pain, into a response-ability, and so change someone else’s life along with our own. This is a chain reaction that will move humanity from a dark past to a bright future, one human heart at a time.

I have rambled on long enough for now.

Blessings on your days, beloveds. Namaste