This post arises out of a cry for help in one of my groups on Facebook. Desiring definitive dates and wanting to know when the money will come for the house or enough to feed the family, normal questions of new arrivals to ascension.

Normally now I leave this question to the other people who also know the answers, but today it sparked me to answer thus:

This question represents the highs and lows, and then the faith when neither high or low is present, but the long march ensues, with no signposts to let us know it was all true, what we experienced. Source does not work with definitive answers in concrete terms. One has been working through the dreck of money lenders before the temple, basically. That is 3D in a nutshell. One has to do that to keep getting mad and searching for the more that your own spirit knows is out there somewhere. Of course, it is always inside us, but we don’t know that until we do. Illusion will keep coming up. We don’t have jobs, we make them from the soul stuff of our love. What we love to do becomes our work, like it is meant to, with money for us that we take from the soul stuff as well, for our needs. We must all learn to make arrangements to survive until the time of thriving in spirit comes, which it does because we are doing what we love to do.

In the past times it was taken care of by the creation of temples where the quest can be undertaken in safe territory, the quester is fed, and only has to work on themselves through it all. They eschew family ties for the sake of personal enlightenment, and that is acceptable to all. Even in America, the temples of other cultures were installed to continue that safe journey. But now, with masses of people beginning to work on their issues, a pivotal part of the process, most without faith or hating the faith they landed in with their family, this becomes a real problem. There is no financial support or mostly any other for anyone suddenly finding themselves into the process by forces beyond their comprehension.

It is time for something to begin to happen that many of us old timers wanted to happen when we were coming up through the miseries of Ascension before that word became popular. We don’t know what that is going to look like, but as I said in the top of the post, it will be created from the recognition of the lack of this needed support. It is already rising up through the Trump era and all the ones before. We will see temples rise, mystery schools form on American soil as they have in other countries, so much ahead of us slow Americans. Fresh life is breaking through the ice of our lives, a Spring such as we have longed for in the long winter nights.

Indeed, plots have formed: conspiracies of goodness and grace are bubbling, waiting only the water of melting ice to let them come forth fully fleshed. How it will look is anyone’s guess. Some will try to direct the flow of progress after long famine. Some will simply revel in the Flow. Plague did that for us, gave us time to dream. Survivors change things for the better, it is always so. Sure, carpetbaggers come in to take what they can, but in the end they are buried in the land and become fertilizer for even more change. Anger is good for some things, like changing how money is handled and how support looks while change is happening. America is eager for this kind of change, more than we even know. Those still working in 3D and not knowing of the broader scope will still notice the improvements in our ratty old house as we roll up our sleeves and get to it. If the new guy and gal don’t work out so well, then that is also something to improve upon.

So don’t worry, just begin to create from this new energy, using your anger at the system to make it what you want it to be. Spring cleaning begins now, with each of us. Plague may or may not be over yet, but you can start small, with your own house.