My Pledge

I have decided to take a pledge today: From this day I will cease to call the sacred Beings who walk beside me by the designation Animal.

I feel that this designation is something that sets me apart from their Wholeness and allows me to think that I am then able to treat them differently from my Self.

If I believe all Life is Sacred, then the life of a fellow being is just as sacred as my own. If I treat this being with less than perfect Love, then I am treating my self with this same lack of Divine Love. Fur or feathers or shell on its back should make no difference in my treatment of it.

This is strictly my own choice. If it resonates, you may share this post in the prayer that it emanate into the Web of Implementation in a Love Bomb of pure Intent to change something.

This post has gotten wide viewing on Facebook, where I have been posting so much lately. But I feel that this one needs more scope.

As always, sharing is appreciated