About me

I AM Theresa Stafford.

Soul Purpose:

To aid the ongoing development of Ascension in Humanity.

My story:

Over the past ten years I have worked quietly with a group of people who have changed in age range from the 60 year olds that began a page on Facebook to share their symptoms of ear ringing and dizziness and so much more, to the young millennials that now grace its page.

Through those years I have been practicing how to best help the ones who are curious and afraid of the Path they find themselves on.

I trained as a conscious channeling medium, focused on angels and guides. I learned how to protect myself from what I do not want in my energy field, and deal on an even keel with what and whom I do want to communicate with.

Basically I empower you to do things you never suspected you could do.

Contact me at: pinkwitchofojai@gmail.com